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This site was created and is managed by Tony Gask.  Tony spent his time at Denbury in Kohima Troop from 1963 to 65.  Now retired having worked in the IT industry for many years

The 'Denbury Days' website was first created by Tony back in 2001.  It was a lot more basic compared with the present site.   The first site had only 10 photo's (which I thought at the time - was good going) but it now has approaching 800 photo's.  The site has steadily grown over the years thanks to everyone who donated their photo's etc for all to view


If you have any photo's, memories, stories etc of your time at Denbury Camp then please click the 'Submit Memory' or use the 'Upload File' menu. I will then reply to your message stating how to donate.  Some help is available how to send me your photo's etc within the 'Help & FAQs' menu above.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed towards the cost of running the site. 

If you wish to contact me personally then click on the 'Contact (Tony)' link above.